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Meet Carrie

I am located in Bolivar, Ohio, where I’ve resided for about 31 of my 33 years of life. I went to Tusky Valley, and then graduated from Ohio Northern University with a civil engineering degree. After I designed commercial and residential developments for 3 years, I realized I hated cubical life. I mean REALLY hated it. So I went to Baldwin Wallace and then to Kent to receive my teaching license for mathematics in secondary education. And then I was an Algebra 2 and Statistics teacher for 3 years.

Along that career journey, I had 2 kids, got married, got like 3 dogs, had 2 more kids, somehow became overrun with cats and chickens, and then realized if I stayed teaching, I would basically be paying to work for 5 more years because daycare was sucking me dry. So I became a stay at home mom.

So now about photography: I got my first “real” camera after I had Stella, so about 9 years ago. I used it for about 6 years, capturing my kids around my house and on trips. I really learned how to use a dslr and photoshop by practicing a lot on them. Then my friends and family started asking me to take some pictures for them. So that’s how it started. It was a slow evolution, and it took me a while to figure out what my style was/is, and where I wanted to go in photography. I found out I LOVE newborns. And I LOVE families… all the interaction between mom, dad, and the kids. LOVE IT! And those tiny new babies, LOVE!!!

And one little more tidbit about me: I still consider myself an engineer. I just do things you wouldn’t necessarily consider traditional engineering 🙂 I build about all my own props, backdrops, furniture, headbands, knit my own hats, blankets, and all that good stuff! Right now I am building a “Carrie Crafting” studio in the one unused portion of my basement. I am so excited to give all my supplies an organized home!


Carrie Bandy is an Canton newborn photographer also specializing in families and baby photography in the Canton, Ohio area including Akron and New Philadelphia, Ohio.