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New baby Lillian was in for her newborn session last fall. Mom requested lots of lavender, and she looked perfect in it!

  • We met in college while attending Michigan State University. It was not love at first sight. We knew each other through mutual friends for about a year before even becoming friends. After a semester of friendship, we started dating the day before spring break in 2005. We were married in 2007.
  • I had him pick up my progesterone prescription from the pharmacy on the way home from work. We were given a roughly 2% chance of being able to have another baby, so it was a complete surprise when I found out I was pregnant.
  • I was surprised at how much more difficult this pregnancy was from the first. My first was twins that I carried to 38 weeks- and I loved being pregnant! I had morning sickness well into the second trimester and was much more uncomfortable this time around.
  • We were thrilled to be having another girl!
  • We decided on her name while I was in labor waiting for my c-section to start. I had picked Lilliana earlier on, but he wasn’t sure. It turns out Lillian was a family name and we both liked that too, so we went with it.
  • I think we were ready for the twins by 28 weeks. I was just putting Lillian’s swing together at 37 weeks. We were just much more relaxed this time- it’d all get done.
  • I was scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday, but I went into labor Monday morning. She was born Monday afternoon. Dad works at the hospital and sees c-sections all the time, he did fine.
  • Before the twins were born, I had a dream about a baby with a head of dark hair. When they were born, they were almost bald and very blond. I remember being surprised, like the dream was supposed to have been real. Then when Lillian was born, it was like de ja vu. The way they held her up for me to see her, the lighting, and that head of dark hair. It was just like my dream 5 years ago.
  • It was all a little surreal, like I still couldn’t believe (even after being miserable for 9 months) that we were really having another baby. I still look at her and can’t believe she’s ours.

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Carrie Bandy is an Canton newborn photographer also specializing in families and baby photography in the Canton, Ohio area including Akron and New Philadelphia, Ohio.


I know how stressful picking out outfits for the whole family can be (hello Bandy Family of 6), so hopefully this will give you some helpful tips and directions. It’s a little lengthy, but try to spare some of your dedicated Facebook/Instagram time to read it through and ask any questions 😉 And remember, I love shopping, and I’m here to help!

Tips to think about before getting started:

To get the flow going with wardrobe, start with one outfit that you really like, usually a dressier version of your usual outfit. From there, build it for everyone else. I suggest starting with mom’s outfit, pick something that mom feels great in.

Layer, layer, layer! Layers add dimension and depth. Use cardigans, belts, statement necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers, etc.

Wear what you feel good in! Moms and dads, this is a tip for you specifically. If you aren’t comfortable in what you’ve chosen for pictures, it will show. If you can’t find a dress you feel good in, but you rock a good pair of shinny jeans, do that. If you can barely walk in heels, there’s no harm in doing cute and comfy flat boots.

Purchase clothes to fit — and fit well. I know we all have a hard time buying clothes for our kids that don’t leave a lot of room for growth, seeing as they do grow so fast. However, a too large polo shirt, saggy ill-fitting jeans, or a jacket that’s falling off the shoulders look sloppy in photos. Most likely, you’ll be purchasing outfits specifically for pictures, so choose something that fits perfectly. Snug fitting make it look tailored. A too-big jean jacket will not compliment shape, rather it hides.

Matching is out. Coordinating is in. And anything goes!  Wearing same colored shirt, pants, shoes, etc looks a bit awkward, and dates the pictures. Coordinating color is what really brings your wardrobe together. I usually choose two main colors, and maybe one accent pop of color. And then mix neutrals in all over 🙂  Also, mixing stripes with plaids and tweeds is okay!

Dress for the weather, and be flexible. You know in Ohio it can be 50 and cloudy one day, and 75 and sunny 2 hours later! Be prepared to be flexible in case you have to switch it up last minute. If your child is underdressed, she’ll be grumpy, and it will reflect in the final images. I speak these words from experience… and I cannot edit the blue out of lips 🙂

Dress for the location. Your session is rural, so a fancy black dress and dress shirt/tie wouldn’t be the most appropriate wardrobe for the session. Think sweaters, cardigans, long pants, maxi dresses/skirts.

Tips for Different Body types (Women)

  1. Maxi dresses are flattering on every body type. Keep that in mind while shopping! Maxi dresses are usually a slam dunk for shoots, and they’re so versatile. Add a belt fitted cards and scarf to layer.
  2. Skinny jeans are flattering on most women, even curvy ones! Pair them with cute wedges, and your legs look a mile long. (Try to avoid heels that will sink into the grass 🙂 ) If you’re not comfortable with a tighter fit, I recommend a fit called “skinny boot cut.” You can find them at american eagle and gap, and old navy also has the best high rise for your waistline. A darker wash also is the most slimming.
  3. Flaunt your best asset. If you’re self conscious about your arms, wear a sleeve. If your stomach is your problem area, a flowy top is great to hide it. Dark, larger prints help camouflage. Very light colors add a little weight and will draw attention to you in images.
  4. Remember, check yourself out in the mirror. Sit, stand, and make sure you like how you look! If you’re sucking it in the whole time and only like top when standing slightly to the right, try a different outfit 🙂

Child Wardrobe Tips

  1. Timeless always has a place. A big monster truck or a giant flower decal will make your image look dated. Stick with classic patterns (stripes, polka dots, plaids, tweed, florals).
  2. Dress the kids in clothes that fit perfectly, not with room to grow.
  3. Shoes are very important. If you have the cutest little trousers and button down for your son, but slap on his favorite pair of Disney tennis shoes, it makes the whole look lose cohesiveness. If you know your child will never wear a pair of dress shoes again, check out eBay, poshmark, or local second hand stores. You can get a great pair of little leather loafers for $5!
  4. Remember, coordinating is key, NOT matching.
  5. Keep hair accessories simple. You want your daughter to be noticed first, not her hair bow 🙂

What to Avoid

  1. Neon. I know it’s popular, but it does not photograph well.
  2. Men’s activewear fabric polos, like the under armor or nike ones. Again, they do not photograph well, they tend to look oddly shiny… and let’s be honest, chest hair and lumps/bumps are emphasized in photos with this fabric 🙂
  3. More than 1 person in a plain solid top. Solid colors are great, but make sure you include textures (think patterns within the fabric – like a cable knit sweater, lace, or ruffles).

Getting Started. Pick out the outfits, and then accessorize.

  1. Pick out mom’s outfit.
  2. Pick a Rockstar for the group.  The rockstar is the outfit that has a bold pattern and the most colors, everyone else’s outfits will be pulled from the colors on the rockstar. Mom can be the rockstar 🙂
  3. Now pick 1-2 outfits with more subtle patterns that coordinate with the rockstar. The tops OR bottoms can have the pattern, and then pair it with a neutral. Remember, neutrals can be navy, olive, khaki, denim, grey, white, you don’t have to stick with just denim and white!
  4. Pick a solid color that has some texture for the next outfit.
  5. If you have more outfits to pick, alternate between the subtle patterns and solid colors.
  6. PS. Dad’s outfit is usually last 🙂 From experience, Dads aren’t too picky, so just go with whatever’s missing and jeans.
  7. Now accessorize with scarves, hats, necklaces, tights… you get the picture.

Here’s my family from last year



Here are some ideas to get you started, and I kept cost in mind. All of the items shown are currently at Target, Old Navy, and the Gap, but I’m sure you already have some articles of clothing in your closets that can be used 🙂 I randomly chose the amount and ages of children, but they’re all easily swapped out.

Example 1: Christmas Red’s

  1. Mom’s red dress with a pair of wedges/boots/booties
  2. The Rockstar:  a floral with a variety of colors. (The top right plaid boy’s outfit could also be the rockstar)
  3. And then everyone else, using reds and neutrals that compliment each other
  4. After I pick everything out, I imagine mom with each child, dad with each child, and then the kids together, and think – Will anyone clash really bad beside each other?





Example 2: Classic Fall

  1. Choose Mom’s outfit, which happens to be Rockstar. The small floral print ties everyone’s colors together. This top would be great for moms that want to hide a little weight 🙂 The darker color and flowy midsection help camouflage the tummy and arm areas. High rise denim from Old Navy also does wonders for your waistline 😉
  2. Then just choose some neutrals and colors from mom’s top. There’s a lot of grey going on, but there are many different shades to keep it more appealing.
  3. Choose different bottoms, try to avoid everyone wearing jeans. Girls are easy to find colored leggings to change it up.




A few more examples that are great for fall and winter to give you some ideas, the rockstar is circled.

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Carrie Bandy is a Canton family photographer also specializing in families and baby photography in Canton, Akron and New Philadelphia, Ohio.


Mom, Carrie, was referred to me by my husband (doesn’t happen very often 😉 ) for her newborn and maternity sessions. We had a beautiful evening for her maternity mini, and we chose an urban location. I love the first one of Carrie laughing! She also shared about her new little guy, Oliver.

  • The best thing about pregnancy was the actual pregnancy. It took 3 years and a lot of doctor appointments and medication for me to finally get pregnant. I had finally {almost} come to terms with the fact that this was most likely the last attempt to conceive. After waiting so long and wanting it so badly, I really couldn’t believe it when the test came back positive. I think I spent half the pregnancy in shock that it was really happening and, obviously, had a lot of fears after waiting and wanting so long. I look at Oliver sometimes still and can’t believe that he is really here and that he is mine. He truly is my dream come true.
  • Nope! I wanted it to be a surprise. At my first ultrasound appointment, the baby had its legs crossed so they wouldn’t have been able to tell me, even if I wanted to know. I did have the screening test done early on in my first trimester so the entire pregnancy I went knowing that somewhere in my chart there were test results that told the gender and all I had to do was ask. But, I held out!
  • I procrastinated until the 8 weeks with everything – painting the nursery, assembling all of the baby gear, installation, etc! It’s a good thing that I finally went into nesting / panic mode and got things done since Oliver came 3 weeks early!
  • I was sent in to be induced early and unexpected. I spent about 37 hours going through the process but never progressed. I had terrible back labor so finally I asked for a c-section…which went anything than a normal textbook delivery. The epidural didn’t work so they had to give me stronger drugs. Oliver was born at 9:15 and in a VERY loopy state I met him briefly in recovery before going back to sleep until I could wake up and officially (& coherently) meet him a few hours later.
  • That he was so tiny! LOL My entire pregnancy I was told he was measuring big and had been prepared for a 8.5-9 lb baby. He was only 6 lbs 12 oz! His nickname had been Baby Porkchop for my entire pregnancy and here he was just this little peanut.
  • Exhaustingly wonderful. Oliver is the best snuggler ever so we spend lots of time cuddling (& napping). The dogs are sloooowly adjusting. We’ve made tons of progress since the first day home. Every time Oliver cried, squeaked, grunted or tooted, Maxine thought she needed to answer by barking at him…repeatedly…which accounted for A LOT of barking. Luckily, that phase passed after the first day!

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Carrie Bandy is an Canton newborn photographer also specializing in families and baby photography in the Canton, Ohio area including Akron and New Philadelphia, Ohio.


Miss Lilah’s parents both shared a bit about how she came to be 🙂 Love their answers!

  • Mom: We met through our mutual friend at a local bar during a classy and romantic game of jumbo beer pong.

    Dad: We met through a mutual friend who thought we would like each other, turns out he was right.

  • Mom: I called him at work 700 times until he answered and then he had zero cell service so he had to run all over the place to get a few bars. I wish I would’ve planned something a little more loving instead of almost getting him fired…

    Dad: She was so excited she called me and blurted it out, I didn’t mind though cause it was one of the happiest days of my life.

  • Mom: I have no idea what tayler said but the worst part was by far throwing up (I did so for 23 straight weeks) and the best thing was getting to feel her hiccup 🙂

    Dad: The best thing was waking up every morning knowing we are going to have a little peanut.

  • Mom: We did! Of course Peanut made it difficult and crossed her legs at our first anatomy scan. During our second ultrasound she went spread eagle for about 30 seconds so we could see the goods. Tayler cried (I’m pretty sure his tears were like 80% happiness and 20% sadness that he had been wrong my entire pregnancy about Peanut being a boy). I was just happy to know she was healthy.

    Dad: We found out we were having a girl and we couldn’t have been more happy to be having a little angel.

  • Mom: I have this endearing quality of never making decisions/changing my mind nonstop. About once a week I had a new name picked out that I swore was going to be hers and then I’d change my mind. Lilah was the only name to actually last longer than a few days so we went with it!

    Dad: It was down to the last minute and we just played the like dislike game till we picked the perfect one.

  • Mom: No one told me that you needed a Ph. D in advanced engineering and rocket science to put together all of the stuff we had for her. The high chair mocked me while her swing just completely destroyed my self-esteem.

    Dad: Not to brag or anything but I felt I was a champ at putting four pieces of wood together.

  • Mom: Labor and delivery was a nightmare. I went into labor two weeks early on a Friday night. I labored naturally for almost 24 hours before they told me I needed to be induced because things weren’t progressing. Shortly following the devils liquid (pitocin) I got an epidural. Shortly following that my not so little girl got stuck in my pelvic bone and we had to have an emergency c section where my epidural failed and I felt everything until they could get pain meds into my hand IV. And my brave husband, who is terrified of needles and blood, sat by my side like a champ through out the whole thing.

    Dad: Delivery was a long and stressful 30 hours and all I kept think is how unbelievably strong my wife is. I think I did better than I thought I would.

  • Mom: Pretty much. She looks just like Tayler which is fitting since he did all the hard work of carrying her 9 months and delivering her ?

    Dad: Yes she came out looking as beautiful as her mom.

  • Mom: I wish I could say I thought something beautiful and poetic but I was high as a kite with the amount of drugs they had to give me so I’m pretty sure I just cried like a baby once we were finally able to see her.

    Dad: I was so happy I was crying, I have never seen such a beautiful little girl before.

  • Mom: The first few days were a whole new level of terrible. I still had tree trunks for legs, my incision hurt constantly because I refused to take pain meds and tayler had to go back to work. It took us probably 3 days just to get a little sleep.

    Dad: It took time to adjust but I think once we all got settled and in a routine it went a lot better.

  • Mom: Dad

    Dad: Me

  • Mom: Peanut

    Dad: Peanut

  • Mom: Her little toes and the way she constantly sticks her tongue out

    Dad: I love everything about her, it’s hard not to love every little thing.

*And of course I had to include some of that little tongue sticking out 😉

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Carrie Bandy is an Canton newborn photographer also specializing in families and baby photography in the Canton, Ohio area including Akron and New Philadelphia, Ohio.


When booking a newborn session, a mini maternity session is available at the discounted price of $100. The session includes 8 digital images, so you get to pick your favorite 8 from an edited gallery of about 20 images. After seeing the gallery, you also have the option to purchase all of the images for only $75. More information can be found HERE

Maternity sessions are usually done somewhere around 32-37 weeks, and it’s really up to you. I always recommend waiting until your bump is big, but not so big that you are very uncomfortable. You can also include your husband and children in the mini session, but all images will include the expecting mother. If you would like a few of your older children alone, please book a family session 🙂

Now on to some wardrobe advice. It’s honestly up to you, but I always recommend wearing a “dressy version of yourself.” Maxi dresses photograph beautifully and are my favorite for maternity sessions. If you’re not that into dresses, try to wear fun form fitting clothing that accentuate your baby belly.

There are a few wardrobe trends to steer clear of:

1. Everyone wearing the same color

2. neons

3. bright pinks/red/oranges

4. stripes (on the pregnant mom)

5. polo shirts (sorry dads, they scream “I’m off to work!”)

If you plan to have your husband and/or children included in your session, I will email a family wardrobe guide to help out.  Please feel free to send me a picture of your outfits if you need some help.

Lastly, location. If your baby is due between late spring and fall, we can have the session anywhere within 15 miles of Bolivar. If you’re having a winter or early spring baby, our locations are limited due to the lack of greenery. I recommend an urban session in downtown Canton or Massillon, or pine forest session at my home or nearby areas.

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